Coach Jared

CF-L2, Pn1, CF Judge
Jared Personal Trainer Near Crowley, Texas

Jared moved from Central New York (near Syracuse) all the way to Burleson Texas to live his passion.

Growing up he played soccer, raced motocross, snowboarded, BMX’d, solo hiked mountains in the Adirondacks, and rock climbed and went on to compete in Spikeball and Olympic weightlifting in college. He has always had a passion for movement, athletics, and nutrition so it should be no shock he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science Degree from SUNY Cortland. Since then he has been pursuing CrossFit and rock climbing as my main sport and hobby.

He loves being able to create amazing moments and relationships through CrossFit which has changed his life tremendously.

Unlike a lot of people, CrossFit was something he fell into coincidentally. In his last two years of college he was competing in Olympic Weightlifting with a club at a CrossFit box near his school and around the time he was graduating a coach was moving on from his position at the gym. A month later, he was taking his CFL1 and has been obsessed with CrossFit ever since.

Quickly after, he attended his CFL2 and am beyond excited to keep progressing in his pursuit to become a better coach and athlete.

Currently he holds his CrossFit Level 2, Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification, CrossFit Judges Course, and am pursuing my NASM personal trainer certification.