What Our Gym Offers



An instructor led, group class, consisting of a total body warm-up, high intensity workout filled with functional movements, and a stretching cool-down, all packed into one fun-filled hour. This is the best bang for your buck!



Specialty Programs

We host seasonal workshops throughout the year, check back for the next class dates. Limited attendance available, and classes are always sold out. SIGN UP EARLY.

Our specialty programs include:

• Nutrition
• Personal Training
• Olympic Lifting
• Gymnastics
• Rucking Club
• Mobility
• Personal Programming
• CrossFit Kids
• Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism



Wanting to fast track your health & fitness goals? Meet with Precision Nutrition Coach Ashley to game plan a realistic nutrition plan. It’s not just “eat chicken and rice”. Learn more with her expertise!



Personal Training

We advocate a total body, functional fitness program at CrossFit 313. But at some point, you as an individual may find an imbalance in your strength: weight ratio. In addition to our all-day Open Gym hours, we offer 1 on 1 personal training and personal programming to help you achieve that goal of General Physical Preparedness. That is, regardless of life’s challenges you will be ready to sprint, climb, fight, and lift your way out of danger. This is the premise of functional fitness.


Olympic Lifting

An in-depth instruction into the technique and efficiency of some of the world’s most prestigious barbell lifts: The Clean & Jerk, and the Snatch. This program builds power in a very exciting and rewarding way.



At CrossFit 313, we consider all bodyweight movements to be in this category. Pull Ups, Push Ups, Dips, Squats, Sit Ups, and a host of other exercises. This program will help you develop body awareness, focus on core to extremity movements, and safeguard your body against injury with sound movement mechanics.


Rucking Club

Fitness for life is not just about what you can do in the gym, but outside as well. Grab a sturdy backpack, fill it with bricks out of your garden, and come hike with us for an active recovery day of low-intensity steady state fitness training.



Wanting better mobility, flexibility and recovery! This program is for you! Contact us for more info about our Mobility classes!



CrossFit Kids

CrossFit 313’s CrossFit Kids program is in full force! We host 3 different age groups: Kids (ages 5-8), Preteens (ages 9-12), Teens (ages 13-15).


Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism

Coach Ashley is knowledgeable in developing both athletes needs and demands for training through pregnancy and returning confidently and strategically postpartum.


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