Coach Allie

CF-L2, CF Kids

Allie’s CrossFit journey started out like most, she came looking for results. She had been doing beach body workouts for over four years and eventually plateaued and couldn’t gain any muscle. Allie had tried CrossFit style workouts in her garage, but hated them. Through the encouragement of her family, especially Ronnie, she decided to go to a box and give it a try. And like most, who come looking for results, she loved it!

CrossFit’s prescription of constantly varied, functional movements and high intensity truly works!

Allie then came to CF313 a month after starting CrossFit and have grown so much! The results were what got her started, but the family environment is what kept her coming. She’s not only seen results, but also found a community who cheers everyone on and pushes one another to achieve new goals.

Allie currently work in the children’s ministry at Graceview Baptist Church and has a heart for kids. Because of that, she decided to get her L1 and CF Kids Certificate so she can begin coaching CrossFit Kids. CrossFit provides so many health and lifestyle benefits. She’s so excited and thankful for the opportunity to help kids have these opportunities at an early stage in life.