Coach Amanda


Amanda was a very active kid growing up. Playing every sport she could but focusing on volleyball, basketball and softball. Her dad, being an avid weightlifter himself, got her into lifting weights at a young age and she has always incorporated weight lifting into her training.

After graduating from Franklin College where she played volleyball and got her degree in Exercise Science in 2013 she moved back to her hometown, Madison, IN, and found herself in a slump with going to the local globo gym. That is when she found her first Crossfit box to join. What captivated her was the community, the variations in workouts but still being able to lift heavy and challenge herself with new movements. This also allowed her to get back into her competitive side and team atmosphere. Amanda has been a part of many Crossfit boxes due to moving, she has also had the opportunity to coach at each of these boxes as well. She will always credit Crossfit as the quickest and easiest way to make new friends and always feel welcome in a new city, whether it be traveling or moving across the country.

She received her CF-L1 in 2018 and went on to receive her CF-L2 in 2023. In 2021, while in Houston, she started training for Strongman and went on in 2022 to win 1st place in her first ever Strongman competition which allowed her to qualify for Nationals.

When Amanda moved to Fort Worth and found, yet another amazing CrossFit gym, CrossFit 313. She fell in love with the community and knew she would make this gym her new home.