Coach Bo


Coach Bo was one of the founding coaches of CrossFit 313. He is often found in the gym helping others with technique, quality reps and (at CF313 socials) enjoying an ice-cold Coors Light with the squad.

He realized that having a family history of heart issues and cancer; finding a quality-life balance was key. That need, led to his love of CrossFit because of the fun group training and mental toughness it offers. The growth is infinite. He quickly found his passion and became a CF Level 1 Trainer for the greatest CrossFit Box in Texas!

Since becoming a coach, Bo has found the importance on what the body needs to thrive. He is actively involved in helping members with their body composition and nutrition needs. You can see him around the box constantly helping others set realistic goals for themselves, while watching the success unfold.

One of the things that Coach Bo loves about CrossFit 313 is the community. Which is why you will generally see him at the box with his wife Coach Lindsey and his two kids running around. He always has such a positive attitude and outlook on life so don’t miss the opportunity to get in on one of his classes!