Coach Tanner


Tanner was not always into health and fitness. Being a lover of the Arts, it doesn’t really place much focus on exercise and nutrition. She was on the smooth, commonly followed path of fad diets, and believed as long as she followed the latest and greatest, she would always be healthy.

It wasn’t until after her first pregnancy that she realized there was more to health than canned soup or cutting carbs. After she gave birth to her first child, Tanner signed up for all the boot camps and interactive fitness classes that she could at a conventional gym, but was still unsatisfied. Isolated muscle machines intimidated her. People staring from the large mirrors covering the walls intimidated her. She felt like she wasn’t good enough, didn’t know enough, didn’t blend in enough. After an invitation to a functional fitness gym, Tanner tasted what CrossFit had the potential to be like. After about a year, she wanted to know how pure and accredited CrossFit could affect her goals.

She started CrossFit 313 in May of 2017 and began her time on staff exactly one year later on May first of 2018 after completing her CFL1. She learned that CrossFit would train her body, mind, and soul inside a single sixty-minute class. She learned that CrossFit would allow her to eat more food than she’d ever consumed at any point in her life. She learned that CrossFit would reveal certain muscles that people starve themselves for and never obtain, but that they are just a simple byproduct compared to the sense of accomplishment she feels when she does something she never thought she could do. She learned CrossFit will encompass everything she ever wanted from health and fitness.