Whitney Enis


Whitney is a passionate and dedicated individual who has made a significant impact in the world of sports and fitness. With a strong foundation in exercise philosophy and athletic administration, Whitney has been able to combine her knowledge and experience to make a meaningful difference in the lives of her students and athletes.

Whitney’s journey in CrossFit began in 2017, and since then, she has been committed to improving her own fitness and well-being. Her dedication to the sport has not only allowed her to see significant improvements in her physical health, but it has also given her a sense of community and belonging.

In addition to her passion for CrossFit, Whitney is also a dedicated coach, currently leading the Cross Country and Track teams at Burleson High School. Her experience as an athlete, combined with her education and training, has equipped her with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively guide and mentor her students.

Whitney’s athletic background is impressive, having played college basketball at Mississippi College. Her experiences as a student-athlete have undoubtedly shaped her approach to coaching and teaching, allowing her to connect with her students on a deeper level.

Whitney holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Philosophy from Mississippi College and a Master’s degree in Athletic Administration. Her academic background has provided her with a solid understanding of the importance of exercise science, sports administration, and leadership.

Throughout her career, Whitney has demonstrated a commitment to helping others achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Whether it’s through coaching, mentoring, or simply being a positive influence, Whitney has made a lasting impact on those around her.